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China Agricultural University
Dean of the College

Professor Fusuo Zhang is the Dean of the School of Agriculture Green Development (AGD) and the President of the National Academy of Agriculture Green Development at China Agricultural University, Beijing. His research is mainly focused on how to simultaneously achieve high crop yield, high nutrient use efficiency and high levels of environmental protection in order to ensure food security and realize sustainable development in China. In the past 30 years, he developed a series of integrated crop and nutrient management technologies for that purpose. Through a vast network and governmental actions major changes have been made to transform Chinese agriculture. Fusuo Zhang obtained his PhD degree in Plant Nutrition from the University of Hohenheim in Germany and has published over 400 peer-reviewed papers, including in journals such as Science, Nature and PNAS. He received the 2007 IFA International Crop Nutrition Award as well as 2014 Award for Agricultural Science from The World Academy of Science. He pioneered a new model of transfer of knowledge to farmers and fertilizer industry which was successfully tested in 15 provinces across China. He has received three national and five provincial awards for science and technology advances, and has been elected as member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the International Eurasian Academy of Science. 

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