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New Science

September 2022

The Consortium for Precision Crop Nutrition (CPCN) has launched a new Crop Nutrient Data web portal, developed and hosted by Agmatix.

This new platform is designed to facilitate worldwide sharing of thematic databases that can be used for a wide range of applications, such as nutrient use efficiency analysis or the development of improved crop nutrition advisory solutions. The website will make it easy for anyone to share their field research data and gain access to numerous datasets collected by others worldwide. Coordinating partners in that effort include IFA, Wageningen UR, the African Plant Nutrition Institute (APNI), Agmatix and Innovative Solutions for Decision Agriculture (iSDA). Two first thematic databases have been launched:

  • Global Crop Nutrient Removal Database: This database allows users to look at production and environmental factors affecting nutrient concentration and determine the total amount of nutrients removed from the field when the crop is harvested. The database is focused on nutritionally and industrially important crops and is equipped with data on nutrient content, residues, crop yields, and other associated data.

  • Nutrient Omission Trial Database: The aim of the Nutrient Omission Trial Database is to support site-specific recommendations and optimize nutrient management. The database consolidates nutrient omission and response field research data from multiple sources into a single, standardized, and open data set, and will be enriched with other site-specific data, such as weather and geospatial information on soils, crops, and other relevant attributes.

Following the purpose and principles of the CPCN, all data are made freely available to anyone. Data contributors will be recognized on the website and in any publications emerging from this work for their contribution, or may become collaborators on future work.

We encourage researchers to contribute their own data to and utilize this resource in their own work.

June 2022

High probability of yield gain through conservation agriculture in dry regions for major staple crops.

Plowman's folly.

  April 2022

Soil organic nitrogen: an overlooked but potentially significant contribution to crop nutrition.

The direct assimilation of inorganic and organic forms of nitrogen by higher plants.

March 2022

Long-term fate of fertilizer sulfate- and elemental S in co-granulated fertilizers.

Nitrogen release from granules of sulfur coated urea.

February 2022

Liming agricultural soils in Western Kenya: Can long-term economic and environmental benefits pay off short term investments?

Predicting the lime requirement of soils under permanent grassland and arable crops.

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